Blazing trails indoors and out

the first Nature Valley box Nature Valley created the granola bar category in 1975.

Here's a brand that carved trails in grocery aisles and the great outdoors.

When Nature Valley introduced a crunchy granola bar in 1975 (made with rolled oats and honey), General Mills became the first major food company to sell granola bars.

Nature Valley didn't have to chase popularity. Popularity came to the brand.

That's because soon after the debut, sitting down for a meal seemed to vanish. Snacking became the norm in a busy world. Nature Valley responded by creating more bar options: Crunchy, chewy, nut, clusters, yogurt-coated and protein-packed. Each came in many flavors, with no additives or preservatives.

The brand eventually was known for its association with the outdoors, creating partnerships with organizations such as the National Parks Conservation Association. The object? Support, restore and preserve America's national parks for future generations.

In 2012 Nature Valley launched an ambitious effort called Nature Valley Trail View. Folks could spend time online with more than 300 miles of national park views, sights and interactivity. The intent was to inspire people to learn about, and visit, America's national parks.

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