Go with Cheerios

The orginal Cheeri-Oats box Cheerios debuted as Cheeri-Oats in 1941.

Americans had corn flakes. They were eating Wheaties. General Mills had even created Kix, a corn puff cereal. And, there was oatmeal.

But there were no oat-based ready-to-eat cereals. Until Cheerios. Or more accurately, until Cheerioats.

More than 500 formulas were tested and more than 10 shapes and sizes were considered before our experts found the ideal combination.

Cheerioats was created through our desire to provide a satisfactory, tasty, ready-to-eat oat cereal.

Four years after its 1941 debut, Cheerioats changed its name to Cheerios.

The change, we must admit, has worked out rather well.

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