The G stands for goodness

Big G boxes of the past The 'G' has appeared on General Mills cereals for more than 50 years.

General Mills helped define the ready-to-eat cereal category.

Wheaties was introduced in 1924. It was originally "Washburn's Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flakes." Under either name, it didn't prosper nationally until it hooked up with radio.

The idea to have a jingle, sung live in the Minneapolis WCCO radio studio, helped push Wheaties to national prominence.

Because there was no recording equipment then, a vocal quartet comprised of an undertaker, a court bailiff, a printer and a businessman, headed over to the studio each time the jingle was broadcast.

A few years later the slogan "Wheaties – The Breakfast of Champions" appeared on the outfield wall of a minor league ballpark.

Our second cereal – Kix – was the first puffed corn cereal. Introduced in 1937, Kix was enriched with vitamins and minerals. More importantly to many, it would "stay crisp in cream until the very last spoonful."

In 1941, General Mills launched what would become the leading brand in the cereal category – the yellow box familiar everywhere. By 1954, Cheerios was the top-selling General Mills cereal.

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